It was September 2000, when this organization came into existence. It was Mr. Ajit Khandelwal, who seeing the condition of unemployment , poor scenario of the society, unavailability of infrastructures, poor agriculture production promoted to start a society which can benefit the community in a multidisciplinary way.

            The encouraging response from the community motivated Mr. Khandelwal to establish DKVAAS at Bhopal to replicate its noble programs in rural development. Presently the organization is professionally managed by a team of multidisciplinary experts.


      A self sustain and vibrant rural economy.

      Sustainable development of rural & urban India, free from poverty and hunger.

      A literate community who care for the conservation of resources and a clean environment .

      Society with a priority to:

       (I)    Gender & social equity.

       (ii)   Sanitation and water conservation.

       (iii)  Participatory approach to eradicate problems

      Empowered society, capable of self governance.



            DKVAAS mission is to create opportunities for self employment for rurals, farmers, educated youths, disadvantage sections , ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, adoption and dissemination of improved techniques, improved quality of life and good human values.

             This is being achieved through development research, effective implementation of local extension & adoption of appropriate technology  and up gradation of skill & capabilities with a participatory approach.

            DKVAAS is a non political, secular  and a professionally managed organization.