Multidisciplinary Programme


Agriculture and water shed development

            Agriculture adds a lot in our GDP, our farmers are using old and primitive techniques for production, in absence of relevant and upgraded knowledge the level of agriculture is going down, in spite we are good producer our per unit production is less. By our efforts of enhancing knowledge, imparting training, performing visit to farmers. production near our locality  has increased. On NRM our stress in on agro-horticulture and community plantation.

            Water becoming a scarce item day by day, needs conservation and water harvesting, its over main objective people are adopting the techniques, live demonstration of recharging are available at our site.


Livestock’s Development

            Development of good quality dairy animals is a powerful tool for gainful self employment. The main problem owner’s are facing is, lack of knowledge on balanced ration that is animal nutrition  ,proper care & management & knowledge regarding preventive medicine. In this regard we are providing livestock’s owner with trainings, demonstrations & visits.

            Through our efforts we have eradicated to some extent the gap of unknowingness , livestock  owner’s of our area  are following the training manuals developed by us  & they have got improved production both in milk & in animals with our efforts the cross breed population in our area has also popped up.

 Empowerment of women

            With assured source of income , improved food habit and livelihood activities, the women’s are motivated to form  Self Help Groups (SHG) & contribute small amount from their saving for promotion of micro enterprises while participating in agro based development. In this prospect large no. of rural women play  a leadership role in the society.

            We are playing the role of facilitator between financial institutions and  our SHG’s. We are also working on school drop outs for their bright future.


Renewable Energy & Environment

To conserve energy & to remove the drudgeries in the lives of rural women’s we are helping the community to install family/community size bio gas plants for generating electricity & use as fuel.

The community development through people’s initiatives in Raisen District has enhanced the forest production & improved the ecosystem

Many farmers are also adopting nadep /vermi compost  manure in their fields & saving not only the cost of production but also saving the environment & the soil fertility.


Training in Sustainable Development 

            Sound business management being the critical element for successful agriculture & development, the farmers and field functionaries are trained at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, at Raisen run by DKVAAS. Apart from short duration modules, practical trainings & demonstrations are also organized at KVK Raisen.

            Building capacity of local community members SHG’s and other institutions.

            We are also making people aware regarding their rights & responsibilities.


Community Health

            Community health focuses on improved health status of family through promotion of water, hygiene and sanitation facilities, nutrition’s  diet immunization, mother and child development family welfare nutritious garden and health education.

            We are also working against prostitution and rehabilitation for such workers as they serve as a centre of HIV/AIDS spread.


Computer Application

            The computer division of DKVAAS has trained large no. of rural / urban youth to develop a sense of self employment and teaching rural s to have basic know how on computers.


Tribal Development

            We are working among migratory tribes , our main concern is awareness generation on issues regarding labour migrants, capacity building and skill up gradation, legal education and other support activities in the village. Our stress is to preserve their cultural heritage & traditions.


Our linkages

We are linked with several central &state Govt. agencies to disseminate the technologies  at the grass root level, we at this level are also associated with other VO’s & NGO’s for work in partnership.