Horticulture crops play a vital role to ensure nutritional security and are evidently a growth engine for economic prosperity of the country, and are emerging as a viable option of diversification in the Agricultural sector.  Madhya Pradesh has potential to become a horticultural state in days to come through commercial exploitation of horticultural wealth.  The faculty of horticulture is an  industry which involves cultivation, processing, value addition and marketing of various fruits and vegetables.

    Introduction and development of new varieties and innovative production technologies are of prime importance to maximize the production and productivity, with zero residual toxicity and the potential available is enormous for horticulture development.


KVK has identified following thrust areas in the district after conducting PRA surveys of various villages and working there upon:

      Emphasis on improved varieties of vegetable and fruits.

      Nursery Management.

      Package and practices of medicinal plants.

      Nursery management of Fruits & Vegetable crops.

      Floriculture Development.

     Commercially  viable fruits plants. 


Training Programme under Horticulture:


1) Farmers & Farm Women trainings:


Nursery raising
Training and Pruning
Layout and Management of Orchards
Rejuvenation of old orchards
Production and Management technology of Spices
Protective cultivation (Green Houses, Shade Net etc.)
Cultivation of Fruit
Export potential of ornamental plants
Production and Management technology of Ornamental Plants

2)  Rural Youth trainings:


Planting material production
Commercial fruit production

3)  Extension Personnel:

Rejuvenation of old orchards