Technology Park


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Crop Cafeteria 

Kharif: Soybean, Black gram, Moong, Pigeon Pea, Paddy.



Technology Desk

  • Publication of quarterly news letter.

  • Inventory of technology suitable for the district.

  • Relevant technical folders, literature, leaflet, Pamphlets.

  • Weather forecast & Mandi rate of crop display.

  • Package of practices of important crops.
  • Improved Agriculture Implements, E-Linkage Lab, Library.



Visitors Gallery

A well maintained Exhibits, High density Orchard of fruit plants, Photographs and posters etc.



Technology Exhibition

Seed Samples of Improved varieties, Models & Demo units of leading technology(Vermi-compost, NADEP, Dairy unit, Goatry unit, Azola etc).



Technology Gate-Valve

News Clips, Map & Graphs, Flex & Photographs of KVK activities.